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A network of friends helping each other to live free of alcohol and other addictive drugs, based on the philosophy of LifeRing.


Please click here to visit the homepage of Lifering Secular Recovery, to get even more information about Lifering. Lifering's online support includes (clickable links in blue):

1. An online meeting room, with both formal meetings and informal "just chat" time. If the link above doesn't work, try this one.

2. A list of face-to-face meetings, updated regularly. (See further below for a list of regional Lifering websites.)

3. Information on how Lifering works, including its "toolbox" for sobriety.

4. Links to a variety of email lists, including ones for people who may struggle with food/body issues, a women's list and a UK list.

5. A bulletin board service discussion forum. (Note: Content is publicly visible.)

6. How to become a convenor and help starting a meeting.

7. Information on making a donation to Lifering.



1. Click here for a list of general guidelines for comment posting, blog posting, forum posting, commenting on others' blog and forum posts, etc.

2. Individuals' "status" messages are editable at the top of individual members' pages.

3. The forum section is for more general discussion posts, while blogs are generally more personal in nature. There's no hard-and-fast division points between the two. 

4. Groups may be for things such as particular addictions (like marijuana) within Lifering's support, or for using technology, science, etc. for helping in support and recovery. Discussion, support and focus in groups should be guided by the same principles of recovery support listed in the guidelines above for posting in the general area of this site.

5. Members are free to post videos, podcasts and other audio clips, and photos. There is currently a limit of 20 per day on photo posting.

6. Ning has many "personalization" settings for design of your home page, etc. Play around!

7. Regarding privacy issues, the front page of this site is visible to the public; individual pages, blog and forum posts not listed on the front, etc., are NOT visible to the public.


URLs for regional websites below are clickable hyperlinks

1. Lifering Austin

2. Lifering Colorado

3. Lifering Modesto, Calif.

4. Lifering Sacramento

5. Lifering Tampa Bay

6. Lifering Connecticut
7. Lifering Tucson

8. Lifering Sonoma Cty., Cal.

9. Lifering Akron, Ohio

10. Lifering Humboldt Cty, Cal.

11. Lifering San Francisco

12. Lifering's Facebook page

Please email Steve or Jeff if you have a new regional website or Facebook page to post here.


URLs for international websites below are clickable hyperlinks

1. Lifering Canada

2. Lifering Ireland

3. Lifering Ireland - Cork

4. Lifering Denmark on Facebook

5. Lifering Denmark


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JeffK left a comment for Labi S
"Welcome here Labi! :-)"
Plain old Steve left a comment for Labi S
"Welcome here. If you're currently living in Ontario, I believe Lifering Canada has a couple of meetings there, but I'm not sure exactly where. We've got support here, in our online meetings and elsewhere, in any case."
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Plain old Steve left a comment for Clinton Cummins
"Hello and welcome!"
JeffK left a comment for Clinton Cummins
"Welcome here, and congrats on the most important day of all, day 1! :-) There are a few Florida face-to-face Lifering meetings that may or may not be near you, but there's support and tips here and at other online venues including online…"
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The drug I will never, ever give up

"love it, a pot and a half every day, feels great!"
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"People ask me where I grew up...funny....I didn't!"
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The drug I will never, ever give up

"Coffee beans?   Man, this was by far the hardest thing for me to quit over the years, but I'm allergic and had to!"
Plain old Steve left a comment for Raphael Fourmonte
"Tis me, Gadfly, yes. And, yes, I realized that the "f" spelling would be normal Spanish version but didn't think about that at first."
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"Welcome here Raphael! :-)"


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Blog Posts

8 days today! I made it through the wkd, only to reveive bad news

Posted by Raven on November 9, 2014 at 11:06pm 1 Comment

I found out today, that my Hep B has recurred. I am sick again 15 years later. I had to do some research but I found out that my psychiatrist (I am bipolar) put me on a drug called Epival and being a person who had acute history or any history of…


The Ultimate Blackout there has scared me from ever drinking again

Posted by Raven on November 9, 2014 at 12:30pm 2 Comments

I have had blackouts before but this one in particular was a doozy.

I went to 2 Halloween parties and was wrecked before we got to the next party and I was already gone. I went with my boyfriend and these people were his friend not mine.…


How did I end up here? Part One

Posted by Robin Graves on November 4, 2014 at 9:30pm 4 Comments

Hello there! I am Robin, and this is my very first day on this forum. I have been a drinker for most of my life, going through periods of intense drinking to moderate drinking and even abstaining for a year. I always end up back at the bar,…


Thanks Jeff, I found lifering as I was frantically searching for help after my relapse. I was hoping to find a source that would provide support to help me get back and stay on track

Posted by Lynn Blankenship on October 25, 2014 at 8:06am 1 Comment

Thanks Jeff, I found lifering as I was frantically searching for help after my relapse. I was hoping to find a source that would provide support to help me get back and stay on track Continue

Thinking It Through: A Personal Reformation, Or: Life Viewed through the Bottom of an Empty Bottle

Posted by Bertram Wilberforce Nietzsche on October 18, 2014 at 3:00am 3 Comments

Although I often think myself into tail-chasing circles trying to anticipate unlikely, unfortunate eventualities, I have been able to think through the ideas of drinking,…


Secular recovery gets a lawsuit win

Posted by Plain old Steve on October 15, 2014 at 10:37am 0 Comments

Important civil lawsuit news from in the US. However, even the legal settlement may not eliminate problems:

>>The money, which includes attorneys’ fees, wasn’t his main object, Hazle said. “I just want to make sure that somebody else…


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