Support for staying clean and sober the LifeRing way

A network of friends helping each other to live free of alcohol and other addictive drugs, based on the philosophy of LifeRing.


Please click here to visit the homepage of Lifering Secular Recovery, to get even more information about Lifering. Lifering's online support includes (clickable links in blue):

1. An online meeting room, with both formal meetings and informal "just chat" time. If the link above doesn't work, try this one.

2. A list of face-to-face meetings, updated regularly. (See further below for a list of regional Lifering websites.)

3. Information on how Lifering works, including its "toolbox" for sobriety. (PDF)

4. Links to a variety of email lists, including ones for people with a dual-diagnosis background, for those who may struggle with food/body issues, a women's list and a UK list.

5. A bulletin board service discussion forum. (Note: Content is publicly visible.)

6. How to become a convenor and help starting a meeting.

7. Information on making a donation to Lifering.



For more on that new meeting kit and other support, click here.

1. Click here for a list of general guidelines for comment posting, blog posting, forum posting, commenting on others' blog and forum posts, etc.

2. Individuals' "status" messages are editable at the top of individual members' pages.

3. The forum section is for more general discussion posts, while blogs are generally more personal in nature. There's no hard-and-fast division points between the two. 

4. Groups may be for things such as particular addictions (like marijuana) within Lifering's support, or for using technology, science, etc. for helping in support and recovery. Discussion, support and focus in groups should be guided by the same principles of recovery support listed in the guidelines above for posting in the general area of this site.

5. Members are free to post videos, podcasts and other audio clips, and photos. There is currently a limit of 20 per day on photo posting.

6. Ning has many "personalization" settings for design of your home page, etc. Play around!

7. Regarding privacy issues, the front page of this site is visible to the public; individual pages, blog and forum posts not listed on the front, etc., are NOT visible to the public.


URLs for regional websites below are clickable hyperlinks

1. Lifering Austin

2. Lifering Colorado

3. Lifering Modesto, Calif.

4. Lifering Sacramento

5. Lifering Tampa Bay

6. Lifering Connecticut

7. Lifering Tucson

8. Lifering Sonoma Cty., Cal.

9. Lifering Akron, Ohio

10. Lifering Humboldt Cty, Cal.

11. Lifering San Francisco

12. Lifering Utah

13. Lifering Washington

14. Lifering Michigan

15. Lifering New Mexico

16. Lifering Pennsylvania

17. Lifering's Facebook page

Please email Steve or Jeff if you have a new regional website or Facebook page to post here.


URLs for international websites or other information below are clickable hyperlinks

1. Lifering Canada

2. Lifering Ireland

3. Lifering Denmark on Facebook

4. Lifering Great Britain


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Latest Activity

Rachel Carney updated their profile
Sep 16
Byron Kerr left a comment for Rachel Carney
"Welcome Rachel, As Steve mentioned there are a few f2f LifeRing meetings in Washington state. One thing I included in my sober plan was to become active in LifeRing. We can always use volunteers with any skill that may be possessed. Anything from…"
Sep 16
Dave B posted a status
"Looking to communicate online with people - to help my recovery. Feel free to add me. Regards"
Sep 15
Plain old Steve left a comment for Rachel Carney
"Welcome. We've got support here, our online meetings, and in-person meetings in both the Peninsula and Seattle. Homestreet Bank Meeting, THU 8:00pm7307 Greenwood Ave NHomestreet Bank community meeting roomSeattle WA 98103USA Email:…"
Sep 15
Profile IconRachel Carney and Dave B joined LifeRing
Sep 15
Dave B updated their profile
Sep 14
Plain old Steve left a comment for Dave B
"Dave, here in the States, I was born the son of a Lutheran minister. I certainly understand such transitions of mindset and worldview."
Sep 14
Plain old Steve left a comment for Dave B
"Dave, welcome here. Among the email groups listed on the main page in the left-hand margin, we have a Lifering UK email group. Should your professional work involve addiction counseling, we'd love you to spread the word about Lifering!"
Sep 14
Plain old Steve left a comment for Jeff Kvasager
"Welcome here, Jeff. We've got support here, our online meeting room, email lists and more. AND ... one in person meeting in St. Paul: Caydence Records & Coffee, WED 7:00pm900 Payne AveVenue RoomSt. Paul MN 55130USA Convenor: Quinn…"
Sep 13
Jeff Kvasager is now a member of LifeRing
Sep 13
case b updated their profile
Sep 12
Plain old Steve left a comment for case b
"Welcome, Case? Been to any in-person Lifering meetings in Denver yet? Congrats on the month sober time and keep on building. We've got support here, including a few subgroups if you need help with something besides alcohol, an online meeting…"
Sep 11


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